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What fuels creativity? What fuels inspiration? Food!  The food we eat is what fuels our ideas and creativity.  It powers inspiration and it’s the source of energy for the human body to run well.   When our health deteriorates so can inspiration and creativity.

Food is a very sensitive subject.  People are passionate about their food and especially their diets.  Try to tell someone to change their diet or stop them from eating certain foods and it’s like taking a t-bone steak from a pit-bull.  The reality is, in fact, that eating certain foods, refraining from others, and over-indulgence results in a series of health related problems and degenerative diseases.   Is depression related to the foods we eat?  Ok… the drug industry would tell you differently when the solution is medication.  Breaking it down to the truth… when profits are at stake… heads will roll!  Doctors are afraid of losing their licenses by recommending anything that isn’t considered “standard practice ” by the AMA.   On that note, We are going to give you the disclaimer now…

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    Now that we got that out of the way, you realize that this subject is a serious one.   A subject that when implemented could have huge effect on public health, the government, industry, the world, the environment and our well being.

Our doctors understand a lot more about health and the human body than ever before.  Medical institutions have found cures and therapies for just about every illness and ailment in existence.   Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals have always dominated the medical arena with the combined use of drugs, chemicals, radiation, fancy machinery, big computers and technology galore.  …there is only one problem.  We are still getting sick.  Despite the massive amount of new information, new technology, new formulas and new “breakthroughs” throughout medical history, people are still getting sick all the time.  Now more than ever!  The amount of cancers that are popping up everywhere are astonishing and diabetes still plagues millions.  Around the globe, no matter how much is being done to find solutions, the problems are only getting worse.

Doctors have the cures and the drugs, but how much is being done for the prevention of these illnesses?  Who is looking at the real causes of these illnesses? There is a huge flaw in our health care system.  Take a look at the documentary “Sicko” from Michael Moore  http://www.youtube.com/movie?v=xaB5K-PvnSY&feature=mv_sr  and “Food Inc” from Robert Kenner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Oq24hITFTY When you know the facts you would also agree.  There is a problem with our current system.   Paying for all the prescriptions doctors are giving for food related illness like diabetes, can be hard for a low income family.   Over-charging, false diagnosis, a hospitals quality of care,  or an illness that just keeps “magically” re-appearing.  It’s time to start questioning what is really happening.  What is being done to prevent the illnesses that are appearing in our society?.  Illness means something is wrong and we have to start asking some tough questions and get some real answers.

All the things that we do as a society have a cumulative effect on our health.   We know that unsanitary conditions result in disease.  PCBs cause cancer… Dioxins and other toxic chemicals in the air, water and soil have been accumulating for centuries.   It is no secret that man made petrol-chemicals  kill people and the environment.  Thousands of deaths resulted from the accident at Union Carbide in India. Hundreds of thousands of people were affected by the BP gulf oil spill.   It goes on year after year without any change.  Doctors now know and confirm without a drought that petrol-chemicals cause cancer and despite this knowledge, federally approved widespread use of petrol-chemicals, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers, are continually tainting our environment and our water.   Is it getting in our food?  If it is, would you want to know?  Would you want to know where your food comes from?  What is being put into the fields where it is grown?  Being concerned about these issues and finding alternative solutions for our own well-being puts health in first place.  It means being concerned for our well-being and the health of future generations.

When capitalist ideals and health care are mixed, problems always gets worse.   Throughout history when someone has made a fortune by the exploitation of a resource, no matter how bad or destructive it may be, despite the resulting consequences are, stopping them can be next to impossible. The bigger the exploiter and the more money they make and the harder it is to stop them.  Most of the biggest wars in the world are fought over resources.  Take a look at the sugar industry for instance, which still incorporates slave labor in some countries. Oil  in the gulf war created one of the biggest environmental catastrophes in history.  Big money means political influence and policy control.  When healthcare has become a commodity, putting profits before health is a big problem.

Why are a lot of natural cures and alternative remedies not approved by the FDA?  Why are doctors losing their licenses for practicing holistic health?  Why are cancer cures suppressed?  We have to ask these questions to our elected leaders.  Do the research!

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The public is aware that there are eating and lifestyle habits that are bad for your health.   Some don’t have a choice and can only afford the foods that are available on their budget.  For some it’s a personal choice for people who want to consume toxins to “feel good”.   There will always be someone who just doesn’t care about the consequences or doesn’t know any better and will eat whatever it is that’s on their plate.  People tend to be only concerned with how they are feeling at the “moment” eating whatever it is just to make the hunger go away.  Just because something is tasty does not mean it is all that good for you.  It will usually take a massive health event like a heart attack or a stroke to make people understand that they are not making the right choices.  By that time it is usually too late.  If people spent more time in hospitals seeing what happens as a result of bad eating habits, they would be more careful and conscious of food choices.  A great school field trip would be to go to the hospital and visit the patients with long term chronic illness from “advertised” products including soft drinks, fast food, candy, processed foods and a host of other products that are not healthy.   We have to see the people who suffer from cardiac arrests, strokes, high blood pressure, obesity and chronic diseases to be reminded to watch what we eat.

.   Did you ever see an ad for a carrot?  How about an ad for a tomato?

Our ancestors knew that there were poison berries and good berries.  They knew about  poison mushrooms and edible mushrooms.  They knew about poison herbs and herbs that heal.   People have to start choosing wisely again.  People need to re-learn what our ancestors knew about farming, diet and how to survive.

Our system currently allows the promotion of products that are bad for your health.   Processed foods with chemical additives, preservatives for shelf life, genetically modified sugars and corn.     We now currently have problems with obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many other degenerative diseases.  It’s time for the public to know what is really causing all of these diseases. How long did it take for big tobacco to be shut down from television advertising?  It takes a massive public health problem to reform the laws.   Do we have to wait until another massive public heath problem?  We can change.  Change starts with individual choice and influence.

Our food systems have to be looked at and implemented.  The factory farming techniques and genetic modification of plants have to be reconsidered.  Nature has a way with dealing with every element and every being on earth and it is a perfect system.   Changing that system creates problems.  Dam a river and it hurts the ecosystem.  Take away a food source and a species gets killed off.  Kill the hawks and you have an overload of mice.  Cut the trees and it creates an erosion problem.  Pollute the air and the ozone layer disappears.  Pollute the water and the fish die.  Everything is connected.   The factory farms are creating health problems for the animals and health problems for the people who eat the food.   A stressed cow produces stressed meat. Unsanitary conditions have spread bacteria and infection in our food.  Genetically Modified foods have been banned in Europe and other countries because scientists just don’t know what the long term effects of eating these foods are.  However, here in the US it’s OK?  GM corn is a factory staple in the feed lots for cows, chickens, lamb, pigs and it’s even given to dairy cows.  USDA approved.  Do we know what the long term effects will be from this?  NO!  It has to be recognized that supporting sustainable food systems and having natural organic farms, will maintain our long term health and well being.

One thing is a proven fact.  Healthy eating prevents illnesses. There is however. a great diet dilemma. In the arena of diet is an overload of conflicting information about nutrition.   It is so overloaded with misinformation and debate it’s crazy.  Anyone would get confused when one doctor says one thing… and another doctor says the exact opposite.  One nutritionist has good advice the other one disagrees with it.   Everyone has their own opinion and their own diet whether it be omnivore, vegitarian, vegan, paleo, fruitarian… whatever it is  food opinions will vary with every culture….  Are eggs good?  Are eggs bad? Is milk good?  Is milk bad?  One thing is for sure they cant be both good and bad…

What is the right mix for your diet?  The best thing to do is research it.   Avoid mass produced “fast foods” or anything with a long shelf life.  Look at every ingredient in your food.   Know what you are eating.   Ask where you food is from.  How was it grown?  What was it fed.  Are insecticides used?  Know the health benefits of each and every thing you are putting in your body and don’t just rely on the package to say “It’s healthy!”  If there is a chemical or an ingredient in your food you can not pronounce.  Be skeptical.   Be very careful.  When advertisers say “It’s Great!”   they don’t care about your health!  They care about profits.  Find out the studies on food oils and where they are from.  Study which products are Genetically Modified.  Question labeling.  Ask companies directly about ingredients in baked goods.   That “secret” ingredient may taste good but if you knew what that ingredient really was…you might not want to eat it!  Research which foods promote good health.  Be aware of the sources of information.  Research what causes illnesses.  Take a look at what creates cavities.  Find out about Dr. Weston A Price.  This is a great resource for a healthy diet—> http://www.westonaprice.org/basics/dietary-guidelines Dr Price found that certain tribes and cultures around the world, untouched by modern society and modern foods, had perfect teeth.  Look towards the people who have the best health, the longest lives and the least problems.  See what they are doing.   Find out what they are eating.   Visit a farm and get fresh whole foods.  It’s time to do some research.  Ask questions.   Ask tough questions and question the answers you are given.   People may not be lying, they are just relying the false information they were given.

Proper diet and health supports a full functioning ability to be the best you can be.  Your capability, your life and your body will be a lot better when you start doing it.  You wont even have to see the doctor as much.  In fact, you may never get sick again!  You may just get the inspiration to do something creative and uplifting that will change your life forever.   We have a choice.  We can allow someone else to take care of us or we can take care of ourselves.  Fuel your creativity.  Fuel your inspiration. Eat healthy!