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After exercising our right to vote, and a nail-biting session with the evening news to see who would be our next president, the American people overwhelmingly decided on re-electing our current president Barack Obama.   It is inspiring to see that, despite fierce opposition, Barack Obama sustained his presidency with a 332 to 206 electoral vote lead.   This is a changing America!   A changing demographic.  A changing era.

Some interesting statistics… The past three presidents (Clinton, Bush, and Obama) have all won two elections each.  The last time this happened were presidents Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe.  History always shows us something about the state of affairs in a country; as history does; and it always repeats itself.  This 2012 race cost about $6 billion which is a $700 million increase from 2008. This is such a staggering cost for an election!  The Obama campaign in 2008 used new innovative social networking tools to identify and target potential voters, as it likely did in this election as well.  Romney had a majority of support from the mid-west and won a majority in the south as well, so this still is a very politically divided country.

Outside the voting booth there was a lot of talk about voting based on policy, political party, and ideology.  People talked about voting for the “lesser of two evils” or voting because “I hate the opponent”.   The voting system our forefathers set up allows the American people a chance to elect the best fit person the majority believes in.  Unfortunately, we know that the forces of economics corrupt the system.   Unrestricted access to unlimited financial resources eliminates the fairness in choice.  Who can compete with someone who is able to afford a fortune 500 marketing company?  Who can compete with the media bias?  How about the media black out?  Why weren’t all the presidential candidates allowed to debate in a fair and unbiased way?  Where was the media coverage of the other major US political parties?  What happened to the Libertarians?  The Constitutionalists?  The Green Party?  CNN ABC NBC CBS – all the major networks…Not one covered any of these political parties in depth.  Is that fair?  To create real change, voting for someone should be because you want that person in office for political, ideological and personal reasons.  Voting for any other reason takes the power of your vote away and gives it to a flawed system.  The vote should be for a candidate who you believe in.  It is unfortunate, because of our current system, people voted for reasons other than what the vote was intended for.
Even with a politically divided country, we must all work together to solve our social and economic issues. When our political groups work through tough issues together, solutions become evident.   When people work together, despite our political views,  great things happen.  No one man alone has built a nation.  Even though we have only one president, each one of us has an opportunity to be a leader as well.   We must influence each other, inspire one another and help each other to remain a strong nation.

The best man gets the job and the best man was just re-elected.  Congratulations Barack Obama!