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Clara Angelina Diaz

Clara Angelina Diaz is a fine artist and life coach we interviewed for Mixture back in 2010.  Since then, she has started her own growing company called Clara-Fying which provides life coaching, consulting and mentoring workshops.  She started this new venture after traveling to her native Dominican Republic and to California where she participated in the Hoffman Institute;  an eight-day intensive residential course of personal discovery and development.

Clara had a kick-off event for her “Ladies in Business” monthly networking group on Saturday, November 17 and we sat down to talk with her about her new venture.

 Mixture: Tell us about your new projects.

Clara Angelina:  The Ladies in Business monthly networking group is a collaboration between Somerville Local First and Clara-Fying Life Coaching Consulting and we had our first meet-up today.  We are launching a Women’s chapter of Somerville Local First headed by my business, Clarifying Life Coaching and Consulting.   Today we had a very diverse group of women; a fine jewelry maker, a coffee shop owner, a fitness studio owner and even a Reiki Master.   We talked about some of the major collective issues women are having in business today, and we are creating a monthly program to find solutions to these challenges.  Some of the most pressing issues women business owners are having include developing marketing and sales skills, feeling overwhelmed, developing time management skills and delegating responsibilities.  Women also tend to internalize the success of their business, and putting a personal accountability on business success can be both very draining and empowering.    My approach is to maximize professional success as well as personal growth.  I help people manage the success of their business as well as their own personal success so that their businesses reflects their inner state of well being.  Developing the skills to deal with these issues will help people develop personally as well as professionally.

 Mixture:  How was the response to your workshop?

Clara Angelina:  Amazing!  People responded positively to the formation of a Womens business group that helps with finding solutions to challenging issues.  The workshops are a great learning opportunity for the participants and for me as well.  I love being around people who have amazing creative energy and want to do more personally and professionally.   I get a chance to learn a lot from the people I am working with.

 Mixture:  How long have you been doing this?

Clara Angelina: I’ve been a certified life coach for about two years now.   I had been coaching people personally for an additional year… so I would say three years.

 Mixture: What was your inspiration for doing this?

Clara Angelina: It all started at this art salon I went to every month.  The art salon was a group of creatives from all different types of genres like painting, sculpture, writing, and even gardening.  At the salon there was a life coach that attended who specialized in working with artists.  His name is Oscar Truitt.  The way he described what he did and his coaching style to me, telling me to imaging someone supporting me through my unique idea of success in what I do, was extremely exhilarating.  To understand that I have the ability to create things with my mind was empowering.   To be able to realize our dreams was inspiring, and when I heard this I decided to give him a call.  I then coached with him for about a year.   This coaching turned out to be the most amazing opportunity and experience I had in my life.   I started to do things in my life that I was not able to do before and out of this newfound energy, I had my very first art show.  He helped me validate my own dreams and my own goals in a way that it was OK to be different from the masses.  I wanted to be an artist but I did not go to art school.  I didn’t have a unique way of showing my love for life and how creativity is so important.  Coming from a corporate world and having these feelings it was revitalizing to have a professional make me understand these distinctions.  Life coaching has opened so many doors for me.  I then coached with a different coach which was more for professional and career goals I started to see that I could achieve so much just by simply having someone that could hold me accountable to my own steps and my dreams.  Being able to say your dream is obtainable, measurable and real and it is not just a figment of your imagination.  The science of achievement and knowing that if you have a dream you can achieve it.  I want others to realize this and that’s why I am doing what I do.

 Mixture: What are your plans for your program?

Clara Angelina: My next plan is working with the top business support organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business administration in order to reach my niche market.  I am also working with adult education centers, and I plan on doing more workshops like the one I did today.  I also plan on creating a small book of inspiration so that I can give each individual who participates in my workshops a book on the values of coaching and some tips on staying motivated and staying inspired.  I also plan on hiring more coaches!

Clara Angelina Diaz web site —> http://www.claraangelinadiaz.com/
If you are interested in the The Ladies in Business monthly networking group with Sommerville Local First,  Please contact Clara Angelina at Clara.Angelina@gmail.com