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Marvelous Mason

Marvelous Mason

We sat down with Marvelous Mason, owner of HandsomeBoy Clothing to check out what’s new and see what he’s been up to.  The new showroom / office on Causway St. in Boston is graced with amazing samples of new designs, classic Ts, screen printing frames  and the unmistakable HandomeBoy logo on the wall.  It is exciting to see the enthusiasm from Mason as he greeted us with a big smile and talked candidly about his business.

Mixture: Tell us about some new projects you have been working on.

Mason: Basically I have been focusing on the Brand directly, trying to complete the branding process and keep the lifestyle going.  We have been doing some collaborations with accessory companies such as Case-Mate, an iPhone accessory maker, to continue the lifestyle of the brand.  We wanted to get into more lifestyle products, not just Tshirts.  We are looking at different products to keep the brand and the lifestyle alive.  I am also ‘trimming down the Fat’  and trying to focus on specific items and not having an overload of products.

Mixture: Tell us about the new showroom and this new part of your business.

Mason:  We are happy to be able to have people come in and actually see more of the concept of the brand.  It is better than meeting potential clients in a lounge or cafe…or someplace public to discuss business.  Here, I can keep it focused and not stray from the goals I have.  Once you are here you are focused on the purpose, the brand, and not distracted.  I can focus on what is supposed to happen.

DSC_7386Mixture: Have you been Star-Struck lately?

Mason: I went to the JayZ performance at the Barclay Center.  I won the tickets, which was amazing, and JayZ is one of my favorite artists.  I was connected to his music as a kid growing up and to be at the concert and actually see him come out on stage was phenomenal.  We had really good floor seats too which was amazing!

Mixture : What have you been doing to keep your inspiration up?

Mason: I have been researching things for my designs, I love vintage signs, furniture and things of that nature.  I continue to research vintage designs and see things that are are out there.  I keep creating as well.  I keep thinking of new ideas.  I constantly think of how I can expand on  HandsomeBoy and that has been my primary objective right now.

HandsomeBoy Clothing

HandomeBoy Clothing

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