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Kazu Livingstone_Game of Freedom

MIXTURE: Where does your name come from?

Ah, I don’t remember my original name anymoreI ended up becoming my own character.  Ha!  Kazu Livingstone is a nickname that was given to me in my dreams,  and let me explain…  There was a gathering of Native Indians who told me to call myself ‘Whitestone’ as a pen name.  When I woke up,  I chose in place Livingstone, which is a name I cherishLivingstone came from “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.  As I’m a human, and not a bird, I added an E.  The other day, when I saw one of my pieces featured on Native Indian websites with a topic of their concerns, I was smiling like if I‘d met a childhood friend.

MIXTURE: What type of art do you do?

During the late hours of the night, I work at becoming an activist artist.  I make political art.  I have a lot of things to say and sometimes I don’t get paid.  My dream is to make a difference.  Often, the creative process on a piece refines my own opinion on a political topic.  I like that.  I follow my inspirations blindfolded.  I trace lines on the computer, and then I receive a bolt from above over the head.  I become aware of what I do.  I become a messenger of a cause.  I have stayed subtle till now, and wish to stay as such for now.

MIXTURE: Do you consider yourself an artist or a graphic designer or both?

Both.  During the day I am also a poet and cartoonist.  I use vectors to do my artworks.  I’d like to be recognized by my peers.  In order to do that, if we put in more fishing lines we could attract more fishes, right?  So what I do is I diversify my themes and style.  I attempt not to build an audience on one topic, but to be some kind of multi-verse;  somebody who does different things and combines them into one way.  My day-to-day goal is to give an identity to my artworks.  I’m working at becoming a serious name in political art.  Either I’ll fade away, or I’ll be remembered.  I want to make people dream every moment.  I work for them to remember me after they wake up in the morning.

MIXTURE: What inspired you to start making art ?

My love for someone.  I wanted to be remembered by that person.  I wanted to make her smile at breakfast, even if for some reason I lived a thousand of miles away.  Sometimes we talk through the internet.  I’d wish that I was all over the internet.  And make her smile before noon, because I succeeded in this life.  That’d pretty much make me smile.  I kinda think this world is so negative these days, I want to be Mr Good-news.

Kazu Livingstone_13 Stripes

MIXTURE: Who are your favorite artists?

I absolutely have a short memory for names.  My world is a mosaic with many styles and pictures converging into one universe, without names being called.  Ha!  I’m weird.  That’s why remember and love the artists who use concepts as their name.  Like Futura 2000, Mr Brainwash, Low Bros, Theonepointeight, Obey, Combo Culture Kidnapper etc.

MIXTURE: How long have you been creating art/graphic designs?

It has been three years since I started drawing on a computer.  Add one year before that because, as I use a mouse to do my thing, I had a pretty hard time to learn my trade.  Before that I was a poet, and wanted to be recognized as such.  One day I asked myself, can I save the world with that?  Naaaah…  Art is about saving the world from boredom, don’t you agree ?

MIXTURE: What is your dream for the future of your work?

Again, people remembering me at breakfast.  For me nothing is ever certain, I never talk about the future, but explore more of political art as it is.  I’d like to be a name to be reckoned with.   I almost worked with Combo Culture Kidnapper.  He is aamazing French streetartist.  I think I’d like to follow his footsteps: street art

Kazu Livingstons’ work can be seen on

Behance –  http://www.behance.net/kazulivingstone

Adweek Talent Gallery – http://talent.adweek.com/gallery/Self-portraits/2760979 

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