Yarrow SLaps

MIXTURE: Where does your name come from?

YARROW: My name comes from the Yarrow root classically known for healing wounds. My parents liked the fact that it grows all around the world you know, so that’s what I am trying to do, plant the seeds of positivity.

YARROW = Young And Ready Rehearsing Only Wonders

SLaps = Society Loves a proud soul.

Yarrow SLaps


Art by Yarrow SLaps

MIXTURE: What type of art do you do?

YARROW: I focus on people and objects, reality through unseen traits. I use photography as a base idea, and I may not paint exactly how you look, but I will capture your inner self – the true you.  I like to leave negative space so you can focus on the art and come up with thoughts about what you see.

MIXTURE: Do you consider yourself an artist or a musician or both?

YARROW: I consider myself an artist someone who makes music and paints. The double combination.


Art by Yarrow SLaps

MIXTURE: What inspired you to start making art ?

YARROW: I shut art off for so long because i was always around it.  But the past few years I started to feel like I could do it too.  I picked up some brushes, paints and paper, and started experimenting.  Art to me is a big learning process through which you find out your direction.

MIXTURE: Who are your favorite artists?

YARROW: The artists that stand out to me as of now are, William Johnson, Basquiat, Pieter Brugel, many others… too many.


Art by Yarrow SLaps

MIXTURE: How long have you been creating music?

YARROW: I think I must have wrote my first rap in 4th grade about a drive by shooting that happened across the street.  Rap was my first outlet.  If I ever felt any kind of way about something I just started writing rhymes, and then my lyrics (became) diversified.  From random feelings to thoughts to opinions and things, I wanted the listener to understand something after they heard one of my tracks.

MIXTURE: What is your dream for the future of your work?

YARROW: My biggest dream would to be able to give back and to learn more about culture.  To move around the world like the wind.  To set up shop, start over, re-do and continue this constant journey that never seems to end.  Good times and good health with good people.

For more information on art from Yarrow SLaps go to http://www.yarrowslaps.com