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Kerri Portrait1

Keri Herlihy Photo by Erik Patton

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

I always had a passion for makeup from a very early age.  Even though I was a total tom boy, I always found myself going through my mothers makeup and wanting to make over my sister, and friends. I was working for MAC cosmetics as a part time job in college, and I completely fell in love with the idea of doing makeup for a living…the rest is history!
How do you come up with your creative ideas?

I am constantly buying the latest Vogue, Allure, Nylon, and any fashion magazine checking out the latest looks.  I recently discovered Pintrest as well and get a lot of inspiration from other makeup artists, and fashion designers.
What was the most important thing you learned getting into the industry?

After 15 years in the industry, I have learned that networking is so important.  Getting out there and meeting people in all areas of the business is so important.  You can’t expect work to fall into your lap.  I have made some amazing friends over the years…from photographers, to models, to designers…they have kept me going, and I am so blessed to have the network I have.  So getting out there is so important!

How do you prepare for a session?

Depending on the particular job, whether it’s a fashion shoot, personal client, music video, or television production, just knowing what I am walking into, and having all the right products keeps me prepared and ready for anything!
What keeps your creativity fresh?

I am always shooting with new photographers. Young, and seasoned as well.  This is the best way for me to keep things fun, and fresh.  When I am able to collaborate with other artists, there is no better way to grow and keep things fresh.  Each season I go to New York City and take a class with MAC and Makeup Forever to learn what’s new in the world of makeup.  I also have had the pleasure of shooting there with some amazing photographers, who truly challenge me to push the envelope and be as creative as I want.Kerri Herlihy on the set

Kerri Herlihys’ work can be seen on her website  – http://www.krop.com/bostonmakeupartist/

For inquiries, or bookings Contact Kerri directly at