Fine Artist – Ivor Scott

ivorscott MM – What made you become an artist?

Scott – It all comes back to high school where art is the escape for me.  The problem I had been battling at the time around when I was thirteen was a back injury.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis and I had a 55 degree curve on my back and I had to get surgery immediately before it got worse.  I had surgery freshman year the first day of classes.  After that I could not do sports so I was in a spot where I needed to do something that I was passionate about that wasn’t going to mess up my body.  So I went to art because I was always good at drawing.  So when I got to school I took an art class and I did a lot of drawings of anime characters and the teacher said  “This work is great and all… but let me teach you how to really draw.”  So that progressed, and I went to MICA pre-college fire-in-the-holesummer camp and after connecting with the faculty and being on an art school campus, I decided that is what I wanted to do.

MM – Whats the inspiration behind your new work?

Scott – In my new work that I’m doing is basically staying true to the person I am.  I played a lot of video games back when I was in high school.  Playing Counterstrike since I was 10 years old.  I was real competitive and I was always interested in the “first person shooter”  kind of environment.  Now that I’m older,  its interesting because I look at it differently now.  I am not playing as much that I am looking at it as kind of a strange world where you are enjoying this fantasy which is something that you would not really want to do in real life at all.  Its violent, but you nice-shotcome there for the violence and you come to that place with the appreciation of it as an exhilarating experience.  I am trying to explore this in my work.  I am playing on the attraction to this kind of role in gaming and what it is that attracts us to it.  What I’m doing now is seeing it as an ugly image but then trying to appeal to everyone, especially other gamers,  through these images.   I feel like if you are not a gamer you might not actually appreciate and understand this world.  To give this experience to non-gamers who don’t relate to it,  through my perspective, will still be able to enjoy the art.  I’m trying to transform this ugly image into something beautiful.

GravityMM – Tell us about your painting entitled “gravity”

Scott – There are two concentrations that I have.  One that shows figures and one which is just about the architectural aspects of the video games.  I’ll take screen shots and filter the ones I like and paint them.  The bus piece called gravity is part of the architectural side of things.  I am really interested in being the photographer in this space and looking at areas in the video game you don’t normally pay attention to.  Especially in a first person shooter game you don’t necessarily see all the background it is so fast paced and the only goal is to shoot.  I think it is interesting because the game developers made this map of the entire environment where you are able to move around and be a spectator and it is so detailed.  I was interested in being that spectator and checking out the environments I was in during these games.


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