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Todd Anthony Walker also known as Todd the Director, or The Indie Professor is an Independent Writer / Producer / Director turned visionary / entrepreneur in Boston.   Todd has worked at every level in the industry and he brings a lot of experience to film making.  His creative vision is to bring together creatives and enable people to produce projects and make a living doing it.

Mixture Magazine sits down with Todd to talk about DSC_0889new projects and to seek some inspiration.

Tell us what projects your are working on currently.

Basically I have grown in a lot of different ways over the past 12 years.  Writing producing and directing films has become a small part of what I actually want to do.  I am more focused on the visionary entrepreneurial aspect of writing producing directing and what I am building right now will be the nations first transparent unselfish life changing network. And it’s about to launch.   I have been writing this 50 page business plan for the last 12 years, and its a component of the master plan.  This is only like a rib-child to the overall big picture however this here in and of itself is just beyond words.

What is the premise behind the program?

It’s called “InTheBean”.  It is a self propelled catalyst that will promote creative people like yourself and myself to across the globe.  It creates jobs and opens opportunity for millions in its residual sharing network.  It has four principal companies within the network which have their own streams of residual income and ultimately will pave the way for creatives and companies to be able to brand themselves, keep their own independent companies and grow with us in the process.  Our motto is ” Come grow with us as we help you grow”   The Unselfish Transparent Network.   That’s it in a nutshell.  Its definitely something different and its ahead of its time right now.  There is no collective networks right now that foster independent growth and allow you to eat off of what you do.  Every media company right now wants you to stop what your doing , jump on their ship, add to their creative brand and receive minimal if not any fruits of your labor or creativity.  We are building a nation of media makers, editors, designers, photographers, you name it.

Todd & Camera photos 035Is there a demand for this type of network?

Yes.  There are many models out there now.  The Lawrence community works are using commercial buildings putting a little money into them and re-purposing them into multi-use facilities where people can pay for classes without going through all the red tape of going through a university.  I saw one pop up in Lowell as well… revitalizing spaces for arts and media uses.

Have you started to implement this program?

I have initialized the process.   The business plan will help get me the resources I need to get to a level where it is going to live at its full potential.  So I am in a hold pattern right now … its launched I just wentIMG_0721[1]back underground for a little while to organize and hone down the components.   I am looking at acquiring a building where I can operate out of.  Its a huge part to have a space where we can work out of.  I am looking at properties right now.  I travel state to state and I create media all over the US, Ive also been a consultant and worked on projects with other networks.  For me, having a home base is important.

I got smart real quick and put my interest in myself realizing my own self worth and what I was capable of and G-D has given me natural born abilities and talents that can create do and build just about anything that has to do with my hands.  I’ve been doing since I was a kid way before I got into the Industry.  If I see it I can build it, fix it or make it work!  That’s what catapulted me along applying that to my natural ability to be in the community and my ability to create write direct and produce content from start to finish from script to completion and this has allowed me to actualize my own self worth to be able to train and educate and build people and give my knowledge and talent away across the globe to share that with people ….  nobody is doing that right now.  People are selfish about these things.  I already have the talent so I can only get better at it.  That is the premise of my network.  It’s a free media network.  State to state city to city its beyond what people think.   I am not waiting for Hollywood,  I am not waiting on the industry, I have so much content.  I shot a project in Georgia where my relatives live.  I have stuff that’s ready to go so I’m ready.  I don’t have a regular job this is what I do so if I don’t do this I m not doing anything.  Its that serious for me.


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