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CarolynCarolyn is the Hostess at Club NAGA in Cambridge MA.  One of the hippest clubs in Boston, amazing food, and great atmosphere, Carolyn shares some inspiration on what creativity means for her.

What gives you inspiration?

I think from a early age both music and being outside gives me inspiration for everything.  I go crazy if I’m not able to explore outside or do anything outside.  I wouldn’t be able to write if I were not outside at all.  I do mainly creative non-fiction.  I’m very wordy and verbose.  Dancing also gives me inspiration.  A lot of times solitude gives me inspiration.  I’m really a secret introvert and people would never suspect that.  That’s why I always live near an ocean.  I grew up in a land locked state so I enjoy the ocean a lot.

Are you a musician?

I used to play piano a lot when I was younger and I quit cause my mom forced me to take lessons but I wish I never stopped cause I was so stubborn! I still have a huge appreciation for music

What brought you to Club NAGA?

I really love to dance and I love house music so I came here about a year and a half ago and I thought I would really love to have a job around these people and to be a part of something cool and what I like to do.  To be in a place where I can meet different people and creative artists so I had applied and I got the job!  I really love everyone here and It’s amazing working at NAGA.

Can you give our readers anything inspirational thoughts?

I think the key thing for me to finding any kind of inspiration, when its for writing or anything I want to pursue in the future, is meeting strangers.  I think I meet 4 to 5 new strangers a day.  Even on days where I’m off work.  I really get life from having those vulnerable and very raw conversations with strangers and its always unexpected.  My father was always like that, my mom would have to drag him through stores so he wouldn’t talk to strangers.  He was always very personable like that.  Even though I can be introverted and in solitude at times,  I really get life from hearing other peoples stories if they are comfortable enough to share them.