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Champ Chuck

In a small bed room, where CD covers, vinyls, and cassette racks cover the walls, a dresser is topped with trophies, a Boombox and tapes, Champ Chuck clears the remnants of an earlier Dab session to interview with Mixture Magazine about his inspiration with hip hop and his radio show, OverDogRadio on WEMF internet radio.

Champ how did you get into radio?

Two things happened actually, I was at a stage of my life where I was just beginning to record. I was doing music, and I was rapping, Making tracks and just being in the studio for the first time. You know, it was just someones bedroom with a mic and a laptop and all… and this dude got me an interview on UnregularRadio.com. It was awesome! I went on the show, I gave a good interview; I rapped and they loved it!  They were like “Yo come back next week” and sure enough, for like eight months, I was on that show every Wednesday night. Eventually I went on 4 other shows, after that I ended up getting my own show.

What got you into Hip Hop?

Overdog Radio

Overdog Radio Show

Actually Beats got me into Hip Hop. With Hip Hop I could understand what those cats were saying. With Rock there is just too much gong on for me! I could understand what DMX was saying.  It’s just too much gong on for me!   I could understand what DMX was saying and I liked it. I really like every type of of music in some way or another, its just that Hip Hop really does it for me. 

Where do you find inspiration for your shows? 

 Actually it’s being in the city and seeing young cats making amazing rap. Everything has been local for me. Listening to music is like a drug to me! Sometimes its bad (Used as a crutch, or a numbing agent)… but I think its a great thing! I would never want to be without it. I’m at a lot of shows nowadays, honestly I like  seeing the bigger names but I’m more excited to see the new up and comings. My man Seti threw a show a show called “The Art Of The Cypher” at Oberon. We had the local DJ Vet, DJ Reel Drama, live cyphers, live artwork and burners from Brian Life and another artist. It was REAL Hip Hop, DOPE for the culture. 

When did you last sing to yourself?

 I’m not gonna lie this one’s for my ex… she took my heart and I wrote a song for her. I sang to her and it was the first time I ever wrote a song for someone I thought that was pretty cool but I sing to myself all the time. I love that shit. I love free-styling and all that.

When in life do you feel most grateful?

I feel most grateful when my family is doing good. You know, when my niece gets good marks on her report card (She is actually a grade A student who inspires me every day of my life) , or when my nephew rode his bike for the first time. I get to reward them for doing something awesome. When I see someone smile that makes me smile.

Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a long time?


Champ Chuck and Uncle Sam of http://livefreeordieradio.com/

Man I give so much respect for women because they see long term so much better than guys. Guys suck at that! My dreams change constantly… I once wanted to own a club. There is so much going on all the time for me that it is hard for me to pin down one thing. 5 years ago or ten years ago I couldn’t even tell you what I wanted to do… I didn’t know I even wanted to rap or have a radio show. I have always wanted to own multiple businesses and have my good friends working with me making lots of money! To be able to put people positions where everyone eats is the dream.

Would you rather play a game with someone who is more talented than you and would it matter who’s watching?

No, I love doing any type of exhibition or sport where the opponent is more skilled than me because I get to learn things from that. It doesn’t matter who’s watching. If folks want to clown me step right in! If you think you can do it better than me…first wait till I’m done than step up and try. At the end of the day I don’t give fuck who’s listening, I’m not shy at all.

Have you ever disliked someone for being better or more successful then you?

Yea… when I was in wicked and weak mind-state! Now you know we’re all one energy under the sun and Karma balances me now. I try to look at it like yea some people are born into money and some people are not but you know… I’m on my own path! If I don’t got the girl I’m not going to go chase her I’m going to so make it so she will just fall into my lap! We all have our own lane, and I should never compare myself to anyone else, and I don’t.

Are there people you envy enough you would want to trade lives with them?

No, because when I meet someone who has something appealing to me I look at it like how am I going to put myself in that position. How can I add his arsenal of weapons to mine. When I met these dudes at the radio station it was like the first time I was on I said to myself “I want my own show!” I’m a sponge, that soaks up the knowledge around me. I learn from my mistakes and triumphs, and yours as well.

What would constitute a perfect evening for you?

Champ 3

Champ Chuck

One where I get paid, make sure my bills get taken care of and my family is safe, secure and ready for success.. One where I know that I have money coming in the future, go host OverDog Radio and then go see a show. There is no place in this entire world I feel more at home then a Boston Hip Hop show/event because I consider the people in the scene to be family. Big shout out to the boss Mark Merren for providing the city Motivate Monday. That’s also where I first performed with N.B.S. When they asked me to perform “The Come Up” with them. Dorchester legend Akrobatik dapped me up and said I did good right after too (I was ecstatic.)

Who do you admire? Who inspires you?


Champ Chuck

I couldn’t even tell you… I look at a cats like DJ premier doing his thing and being just the greatest of all time I really look up to a cat named Scram Jones he’s phenomenal he’s one of the best MCs of all time, plus he DJ’s great and has produced grammy nominated records. He wears many hats but wears them well. But in all honesty, my mother and father have inspired me more the I could ever say. I do everything I do, with them and their legacy in mind. I go by Champ Chuck, but I just see myself as the son of Thomas Welch (R.I.P.)

OverDog Radio is LIVE from 9PM til 11PM every Tuesday night on WEMFRadio.com, hosted by Champ Chuck.