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THE TOWN photo by Jaymes Leavitt

In Dudley Square Boston, an old commercial building basement hosts a crowd of artists who come together to share the mic http://ilovemyfiends.com/ Micro Fiend show, is produced by Jason J-Hops Collins.  The Micro fiend showcase provides local entertainers with the dream and desire of entering the music industry a platform to fully display ones talent.  It creates an environment that allows an artist with the passion to win to groom him or herself while practicing stage presence and crowd command.  It is an outlet for music lovers that live in a city that suppresses it HIPHOP culture. It serves as a dwelling where those that love the rawness, realness of a genre of music that speaks to the core of the inner city struggle….. with  performances including THA TOWN,  Roxbury Rell, Minnie Clay and Cokeboy P aka Peterbeatz, this was an amazing show!   These artists all share a mic for an incredible show! Mixture Magazine interveiws PeterBeats and ThaTown.

ThaTown, your performance was amazing tell us about your set and your music.

ThaTown – So our set went well, what we did was introduce a few original songs and, some of our hottest mixtape songs. Whats behind our music is our stuggle, our lives, our experiences over a beat. We work hard everyday for this. We write everyday and make sure we are prepared for any and every show. We make sure we set the standards high when we rock out. ( perform) We in it for the long haul so get used to these faces. 

Make sure you guys swing by the page to get updates for more shows and interviews. http://www.thatown.com  

We are also working on a couple films for this summer. Can’t say much about it, but were working everyday towards the goal of becoming successful. Thank you Mixture Magazine for the opportunities, thank your whole photography company for always taking great shots. God bless…



Peterbeatz is a producer from Boston that currently lives in New York is an in house Producer /Engineer /Rapper,Singer Song-writer for the Cokeboys. 

Cokeboy P Your set was phenomenal.  Your singing is amazing!  Tell us what makes you creative?

Thank you and shout out to Mixture Magazine for coming through and helping support.

I’m a producer, first and foremost, then I’m an engineer and then I’m a rapper as well.  I make beats, engineer them put some vocals on there and pretty much, I have an ear for the music.  I connect with the artists I work with because I understand rap, and I know how to rap too.  Not to knock other producers, but if you are a producer working with rappers you should know how to do it.   To see where the rapper is coming from, realy understand where the rapper is coming from, and to know where to leave the spaces and when to work in a beat.   For example, if the beat is 75% then the rapper has 25% to rap.  If the beat is 25% then the rapper has to do 75% and you wouldn’t know that if you were not into rapping and producing this kind of work.  It gives you way more insight into the artists you are working with.


Cokeboy – P Photo by Jaymes Leavitt

See a clip from the performance here ——> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEXdjqND1Io